I Am Love

Love makes the world go around!

Attracting your perfect man or woman is an inside job. Relationships are the clearest mirror of our own state of awareness.

Finding your soul mate requires you to release the unconscious barriers you believe about love. As a woman, you’ll draw in your unconscious father figures. As a man, you’ll draw in your unconscious mother figures. We all love our parents but do we want to marry them?

Are you ready to be in love? Your partner is there; all that is necessary is to magnetize yourself to his or her qualities and you’ll draw your partner right in.

Are you already in a relationship? Attract Your Partner is good for you too. Do you struggle with miscommunication? Do you really get each other?  Do you feel like you are two ships passing in the night?

Attract Your Partner Mp3 includes both clearing of limiting issues around love and how you relate plus positive intentions.

Below is a partial list of issues:

  • I attract my perfect partner
  • Fear of being alone
  • Fear of losing personal freedom
  • Co-dependency issues
  • Clear away fears
  • Release communication issues
  • Feelings of not being good enough for that perfect mate
  • Confusion around being needed vs being needy
  • Love addictions (being in relationships because it feels good)
  • Release relationship struggles
  • Release father issues (for women) to draw in the perfect man for you
  • Release mother issues (for men) to draw in the perfect woman for you

We recommend you listen to the Mp3 recording a few times to increase the benefits of the clearing and healing work. Make sure you are not driving a car and are in a quiet and comfortable place.

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