Paula Muran (Kumari Devi) is an awakened Spiritual Teacher. She’s an innovative Meditation Teacher, Yoga Therapist and Health Coach, specializing in cognitive emotional healing.

As a Workshop and Retreat Leader, she’s led powerful retreats to sacred locations world-wide. Holding ceremony with Peruvian and Balinese elders, smoked pipe and joined sweat lodges with Native American elders. She guided meditations while floating across the Ganges, Nile and Lake Titicaca. Read the Egyptian hieroglyphs (ask her about this), rode a camel and Arabian horses across the Western Desert, sat in the great pyramid twice, led meditations to remote Tibetan and Nepalese Buddhist monasteries, walked in crop circles and so much more.

 Kumari DeviIn Her Own Words

Know that I have a sense of humor and although I take my healing and teaching work very seriously I do enjoy a good laugh. With a natural curiosity I can find something interesting almost anything in life, I’m down-to-earth and practical. Intrigued by human nature, I love to travel and photograph exotic locales around the world: India, Bali, Egypt, Peru, Tibet and Nepal.

I love a good challenge and like to analyze and get to the root of issues. I’m not afraid to ask questions and be wrong. I’m the person you go to for deep healing.

My mind is very curious. It’s silent and unobstructed too. I love contemplating consciousness and diving deep into it. I find the patterning of the mind interesting and like to unwind patterns—you become the recipient of the benefits.

I’m an energy junkie. In other words, I love good energy and can easily hone right into it. I love taking you to places you’ve never been and creating spontaneous meditations in the middle of no-where and you experience something extraordinary. I love seeing you smile.

I’m super sensitive and feel the subtlest energy movements. I was taught to listen intuitively by Native American Medicine Men and Women. I have peerless intuition and operate on the intuitive plane. As a problem solver, short cuts and quick and easy are things I gravitate too. I eat anything organic and vegan and live in balance with nature and animals.

I see the truth of you, your original plan and where it will take you. I’m free and can set you free. Having a passion to show you how to live a better and freer life and become calmer, happier and healthier. I invite you to come and sit with me in silence. Begin to unwind the narrative in your mind. It’s a liberating practice that you’ll continue through your own meditation practice. Let’s set up a time for tea.

Produced the bestselling guided meditations Purify the Body Temple, and Inner Child and other meditations. Creator of  Sovereign Light Emotional Sprays and author of her new book Dare to Be You 21-Day Challenge (due 2017) and Codes of Light (now out of print). Articles are found online at Elephant Journal, Natural Awakening and other blogs. Received yoga teacher training in Ashtanga Yoga, certified body-worker, lay homeopath and herbalist. Read Biography Here

Work Together

Known for her ability to accelerate transformative shifts in others; offering virtual e-courses, monthly live healing classes and private work.

What People Are Saying!

Thank you for all your generous gifts of time, insight, clarity that you give me and so many other people. There is tremendous value in the work you present.”
Vicki M., EFT Practitioner
Thanks for always being the voice of spiritual reason Paula!”
Krisna F. San Francisco

Having her in your life is like driving the autobahn to enlightenment. It’s fast, it’s direct and before you know it, you’re exactly where you want to be.”

Sheri S., Therapist

A profound initiation takes place in her presence.”

Doug K., New Mexico
You are such an incredible resource for the world.”
Thu H., Author
Thank you for your dedication and work. Paula’s talent in working with Spirit and the service she provides is very rare. Thank you again for your service.”
Richard K., Social Worker

She has given me so much, both directly and indirectly. I am eternally grateful. I love that she continues on her path and sees such beauty. I love how nothing has a concern in your consciousness only to awaken others.” Much love,

Angela Z, Therapist

The moment I walked into Paula’s life, I knew I was in the presence of truth. Not my lower mind truth rather a larger truth. Paula gave me life sustaining tools that are forever with me. Thank you!”

Michele C.,
My deepest gratitude for a miraculous healing weekend retreat! Since I’ve returned home the changes I’m noticing in me are phenomenal.”
Anne S., Energy Healer
You are quite powerful. After your talk I could feel this powerful loving energy all around me.”
Cindy S., Teacher
I am still in awe of the profound, life-changing experience Egypt was for me. I have a new sense of purpose and confidence since the retreat.I can’t thank you enough for helping me.”
Marie T., Freelance Writer

What she offers is nothing short of miraculous. She’ll start up a conversation, and before you know it, she’s shifting energy, and confusions and fears just disappear.”

Michael C., Yoga Teacher
Everything you hear from Paula is a gift. Anything she says is an insight even if it’s an incidental comment or something you don’t want to hear.”
Donna D., London
I will never forget the love which I felt during the course of the retreat in Arizona. I applied all of the wisdom and have witnessed much benefit from you and your work.”
Pat G., Healer, Canton, MA

You are the master gardener that has taught us how to nurture the garden of the soul. By giving us the tools to help explore our inner garden, you have helped us to pull the weeds of memory and lead us to the divine.”

Christine M, Los Angeles

It’s impressive to watch how precisely the divine works through Paula. Even in silence the divine is working with her—it’s an amazing dance of energy. I feel so lucky to have experienced her!”

Adriana S., Chicago

Everything you are is within you already. As a culture we’ve come back from the future to resolve the past. We must return to our roots, to the source of our creation to unwind the lies and beliefs that continue to construct suffering and end separation. Who you’ve become today is a sum of the past and the future; yet you have not recognized this reality in your individual consciousness—and thus can’t be free. By embracing wholeness self-realization deepens and liberation reigns.”  Paula Muran