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Mindful spiritual and meditation teacher, yogi and pioneer, Paula’s career spans more than 30 years. With her liberated and peaceful mind she explores new frontiers of the body/mind connection.

What Paula offers is nothing short of miraculous. She’ll start up a conversation, and before you know it, she’s shifting energy, and confusions and fears just disappear.”  Michael C., Yoga Teacher


Paula Muran is the new face of enlightenment. Integrating the ancient philosophies found in Buddhism, Hinduism and Christianity, she’s a new consciousness teacher.

With unparalleled intuition and peerless energy, she takes us to our foundation, back to our roots to unwind suffering. Neutralizing old memories and patterns, Paula dismantles limitation in our minds and shows us how to let go of inner conflicts.

Her spiritual journey began in 1977 when at a Manhattan yoga lecture, an Indian guru said, “Young lady, you’ll experience nirvana in this life.” Born in America’s Midwest into a Catholic family, nothing was further from her mind than enlightenment. Nine years later her mental mind silenced and she experienced a spiritual awakening. Read more on Paula’s background >>

Your Invitation

People say, when they are with Paula something miraculous begins to occur. They feel calmer and peaceful yet fully energized to take life on in positive new directions.

Sharing her mindful techniques and evolutionary enlightened wisdom in workshops, talks, retreats and in private sessions, Paula welcomes all people.

Her teachings are simply yet profound statements of truth. Paula is practical and non-judgmental, offering us humor and compassion and makes positive impacts in our lives. She shows us how to Believe we are Worthy of Love!

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Work with Paula and experience personal freedom.

Paula takes you to a place where you become free to be YOU. Unburdening you from your past you are liberated into your truth. Open your heart and live a happy life.
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More on Paula

  • First featured columnist on About.com/holistic.
  • Online articles at Rebelle Society, Elephant Journal, Beliefnet, Natural Awakenings, LinkenIn and others. Interviewed on numerous radio shows over the years.
  • Founder of A New Enlightenment/Kumara Yoga Institute and 200 hr Yoga Teacher-E-RYT
  • Produced and narrated the best-selling guided healing meditation, Purify the Body Temple. Sold through One Spirit Book Club and received national attention.
  • Leads spiritual retreats to Bali, India, Egypt, Peru and Tibet


“I am still in awe of the profound, life-changing experience Egypt was for me. I have a new sense of purpose and confidence since the retreat.I can’t thank you enough for helping me.” Marie T.,
“Whatever the cost is-it is well worth it to have an hour of Paula’s time.” Betty B., Social Worker
“I’ll go to the moon and back with you. The experience and your energy is well worth it.” Jean M., Therapist
“My deepest gratitude for a miraculous healing weekend retreat! Since I’ve returned home the changes I’m noticing in me are phenomenal.” Anne S., Energy Healer
“You are quite powerful. After your talk I could feel this powerful loving energy all around me.” Cindy S., Teacher
“What Paula offers is nothing short of miraculous. She’ll start up a conversation, and before you know it, she’s shifting energy, and confusions and fears just disappear.” Michael C., Yoga Teacher
“I am impressed with the level of integrity Paula has. Her devotion to the work is remarkable. A true Master.” Deb M., Admin Assistant
“As soon as I made the appointment I felt different. A cloud of unconditional love surround me.” Cheryl T., Therapist
“I want to thank you for the emotional healing class. It really helped me understand why I am holding onto things. It gave me the insight as to how to remove the blockages too. I felt an enormous weight lifted.” Sheila S., Teacher
“Thank you for all your generous gifts of time, insight, clarity that you give me and so many other people. There is tremendous value in the work you present.” Vicki M., EFT Practitioner
“Thanks for always being the voice of spiritual reason Paula!” Krisna F. San Francisco
“Having Paula in your life is like driving the autobahn to enlightenment. It’s fast, it’s direct and before you know it, you’re exactly where you want to be.” Sheri S., Therapist
“A profound initiation takes place in Paula’s presence.” Doug Kelley, New Mexico
“You are such an incredible resource for the world.” Thu H., Author
“I met Paula through a friend and we chatted about golf. I never told her I had a bad infection on my hand. A couple of days later the infection disappeared. Thank you! Casey, P. Golfer
“Thank you for your dedication and work. Paula’s talent in working with Spirit and the service she provides is very rare. Thank you again for your service.” Richard K.