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I'm mindful

What is Mindfulness

 6 Steps to Mindfulness. What is Mindfulness?  Being mindful is being conscious of “who” you are.  Mindfulness is a non-reactive state of awareness. When you react and get triggered, you are mindless and respond from your unresolved feelings. Being mindful enables you to live more authentically, by accepting how you feel and what you think…

financial freedom clearing

Attract Abundance

Where is the Money? Financial freedom is a goal for most people. Why do some people have financial freedom while others do not? Many co-factors, along with individual beliefs, contribute to this answer. Did your parents struggle with paying their bills? Or were you reminded, “Money does not grow on trees”? These old money beliefs are…

10 Tips to Nourish your Spirit

10 Tips to Nourish your Spirit

10 Tips to Nourish your Spirit Go for a nature hike Be silent, lie on the ground and watch the clouds go by Plant flowers in a garden Engage in volunteer work Spend some time in quiet reflection Kiss or hug a loved one Write a letter to someone you have not seen in a…