Functional Training

Operational Coaching – If you intend to alter the society in your organisation so that supervisors stop ‘telling’ others what to do, and instead ask informative questions to help them to find the solutions themselves, then Notion can aid.

Functional coaching uses what we have actually involved call an ‘ query led approach ’ in the direction of leadership as well as monitoring, allowing supervisors and also leaders to have very efficient conversations ‘ right now’ and ‘ on duty’. This brand-new skill will certainly enable supervisors to increase their own efficiency within their function as well as build high working collective teams (plus lots of other advantages that are as well numerous to note!).

Women With Wings Coaching - Proven, Dedicated and with positive impact

A life coach who focuses on Women will not only focus on helping them increase self-confidence but also support them to have the confidence to take charge of their own career progression and life.


Love YOU Daily

Love YOU Daily The action you take for yourself shows you how much you love YOU. How worthy you feel of expressing a greater appreciation for yourself and valuing your own personal life. Self-love is comprised of 3 components Honor Nurture Accept Honor is respect, as shown in self-esteem and self-worth. Where in your daily…

Live in the Flow of Life

Live in the Flow of Life by Paula Muran Have you dreamed of living in the flow of life?  Feel a sense of inner peace, speak your truth and express your true feelings no matter what anyone else thinks about you?  Is this the year you want to actually live life and be free? We…