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Everything offered on this website is intended to support and guide you on your journey to awakening. If you are seeking your natural state of awakened wisdom, well-being and happiness you’re in the right place. These are the enlightenment teachings of Paula Muran.


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What People Are Saying!

When I met Paula, she and I hugged and all my body pain disappeared. I have experienced many spiritual teachers none who had this profound impact on my life. Once you come in contact with her, a process begins to awaken in you. You can deny it and walk away, or do as I did: Embrace this miracle!”
Jeri L., Family Counselor
I met Paula through a friend and we chatted about golf. I never told her I had a bad infection on my hand. A couple of days later the infection disappeared. Thank you!”
Casey, P. Professional Golfer
I am so grateful that you have chosen to extend such a profound love to those of us who choose to connect
with you on this journey. Thank you for all you do.”
Minnie A., Sr. Programmer
I attended one of Paula’s retreats. Afterwards, I knew I needed knee surgery. I didn’t mention anything during the retreat about my knee. When I left, my knee didn’t hurt at all. The doctor could no longer find any damage, and he called it a miracle.”
Mary R., Yoga Teacher
Thank you so much for everything. You have always been such a strong and pivotal influence in my life at my most trying, challenging and triumphant times. Your guidance has always been laser accurate and I continue to implement it to the best of my abilities.”
Kathy J., Artist