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When I met Paula, she and I hugged and all my body pain disappeared. I have experienced many spiritual teachers none who had this profound impact on my life. Once you come in contact with her, a process begins to awaken in you. You can deny it and walk away, or do as I did: Embrace this miracle!”
Jeri L., Family Counselor
I attended one of Paula’s retreats. Afterwards, I knew I needed knee surgery. I didn’t mention anything during the retreat about my knee. When I left, my knee didn’t hurt at all. The doctor could no longer find any damage, and he called it a miracle.”
Mary R., Yoga Teacher
One can’t help feel elevated in Paula’s presence. Her energy insists we step into our own mastery. Every time I work with her she holds a space of perfection for me to walk into.”
Steven M., Virginia.
Being with Paula is life changing. She teaches from an entirely different level. Her wisdom isn’t something she learned at at a workshop or read in a book. It comes directly from God to you–very pure and real.”
Tom K., Burbank, CA
I want to express my deepest gratitude for the awakening change you have initiated in my life. I am approaching a presence within myself—the divine presence, which I always knew existed, just never felt I had the tools to get to it. I have been searching for the “truth” and you unlocked that door for me. I will forever honor you as my teacher and friend, thank you for following your path with such strength, love and grace.”
Kate S. Ayurvedic Practitioner
Paula asked me to stand next to one of my art paintings and found belief patterns blocking my success. She looked at paint on a canvas and located my thoughts when I painted the piece. Paula is beyond anything you’ve ever experienced.”
Donna R., Artist
I met Paula over 20 years ago and I have yet to encounter any one who does the kind of healing work she does. Her vision, integrity and spiritual attunement make working with Paula life changing.”
Debby G. Retired Attorney

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Something magical happens when you connect with Paula Muran either in person or online. An awakening starts to take place and the longer you stay connected the deeper you go.


You are here because you are sincere about self-empowerment and self-realization and are ready to awaken beyond fear and doubt. You’re not the type to shy away from meditation or addressing your own issues. Everything in your life first begins with you . . Let’s work together.


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