For more than 25 years, Kumari Devi has led us toward personal transformation. Her modern interpretation of Enlightened wisdom offers steps to achieve Self-Realization and inner peace.  Make peace with your thoughts and come away with a deeper level of personal awareness and happiness.

Meet Kumari Devi

Visionary Thought Leader, KumariDevi (Paula Muran) is a Master Teacher and Spiritual Guide. She holds the keys to unlock personal suffering. Take a leap in your own consciousness–from limiting to limitless. Her self-realization work centers on transforming original wounds and shortcomings into advantages for a happy and thriving spiritual life.

I never want to leave KumariDevi her energy is beautifully intoxicating.” Elaine H., Hypnotherapist

Feeding our hunger for wholeness, she grounds divinity into the physical form and weaves prophetic wisdom into ordinary life experiences. Sharing the fundamental message to attain true spiritual freedom, we must fully embrace our human.

She’s a gift to those of us who are seekers of truth.” Teresa M., Atlanta, GA

A direct link to divine consciousness is undeniably present. Her innate wisdom rises from a well of knowledge not bound by time. She is unique with no direct human teacher, rather she’s taught through the inner planes of consciousness by the supreme guru, Sanatkumara.

How to Get Started

Out of a deep devotion of service, Kumari invites you to work directly with her. She offers private healing sessions and awakening monthly activationJoin the Virtual Ashram — online healing center.

What People Are Saying!

Being with her is life changing. She teaches from an entirely different level. Her wisdom isn’t something she learned at workshops or read in a book. It comes directly from God to you–very pure and real.” Tom K., Calif.

She’s is one of those rare teachers with pure vision and knowledge. I see in her my truth and she always reflects back to me exactly what I need to see.” Steve H, Attorney

I felt a love I have never felt before. When we met my heart opened and I instantly felt connected to my truth.”  Claire F., Florida

There is a real depth of knowledge with her.” Karen N., Washington

I had a half hour telephone session with SriKumari and felt a powerful loving energy embrace me. That evening I had a dream she took my fear right out of my body.” Devon S., London

She asked me to stand next to one of my art paintings and found a pattern of how I was blocking my success. She looked at paint on a canvas and located my thoughts when I painted the piece. She is beyond anything you’ve ever experienced.”  Donna S., England

When we met my heart immediately opened. I wanted to stay forever in her energy.”  Dylan M., Social Worker

When you are with KumariDevi you change. It’s very profound. Sometimes these changes are subatomic and you’ll be unaware of them until an old situation pops up and you no longer react.” Devi Laksmi, Visionary Artist