Your thoughts and beliefs mold your life. They can stop you from being happy, successful and enlightened. Let me help you free your mind and raise your consciousness.
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Make a Date to Meditate

Learn the mechanics of meditation. Starts on May 7, 14, 21 and 28. Begins at 6:30-7:30  pm pst, over the telephone. You’ll receive an MP3, too, all for FREE. Meditation is an important tool to help to silence your mind. A daily meditation practice trains your mind to think differently. Meditation and mindfulness work together…

Sick and tired

Heal Your Body

It’s time to sign up for April’s monthly emotional clearing call and clear fear, anger, grief and sadness from your body’s memory. Free your physical body into good health. Register here >> Are recurring headaches, heartburn, pain, lack of motivation and allergies part of a daily routine? People get ill for many reasons. Each diseased…