Nothing is more powerful than relying on you without fear or doubt. Become your most powerful ally. Paula Muran offers you the steps to awakening. For the past 25 years, her enlightened wisdom continues to inspire people world-wide to experience inner peace and self-love.

Mindful Living


Private Sessions

Emotional and spiritual healing private sessions. Liberate limitation and be happy and empowered. Live authentically.


Emotional Healing

Join group live emotional healing calls. Powerful way to clear issues and feel ecstatic.


Healing Products

Enrich your life with healing products- emotional aromatherapy sprays, drums and other tools.

What People Are Saying!

I feel so grateful and privileged to know you and to have you be the one to help me find myself. From the bottom of my heart thank you! “
Laura C., Consultant
When I met Paula, she and I hugged and all my body pain disappeared. I have experienced many spiritual teachers none who had this profound impact on my life. Once you come in contact with her, a process begins to awaken in you. You can deny it and walk away, or do as I did: Embrace this miracle!”
Jeri L., Family Counselor
I met Paula through a friend and we chatted about golf. I never told her I had a bad infection on my hand. A couple of days later the infection disappeared. Thank you!”
Casey, P. Professional Golfer
I am so grateful that you have chosen to extend such a profound love to those of us who choose to connect
with you on this journey. Thank you for all you do.”
Minnie A., Sr. Programmer
I attended one of Paula’s retreats. Afterwards, I knew I needed knee surgery. I didn’t mention anything during the retreat about my knee. When I left, my knee didn’t hurt at all. The doctor could no longer find any damage, and he called it a miracle.”
Mary R., Yoga Teacher

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