Dharma and Spiritual Teacher, Kumari Devi invites you to open your heart and awaken beyond fear and doubt.  She offers virtual classes, e-courses, group meetings, retreats and private sessions are available to assist you in freeing the mind.


A visionary, beginning her career in self-realization in the 1980s, she offers an accelerated process to awakened living, with 30 years of experience her teachings are pure genius.

She is extremely unique and has no human teacher. She’s taught through the inner plains of consciousness by the supreme guru, Sanatkumara. Her innate wisdom rises from a well of knowledge not bound by time.

A direct link to divine consciousness is undeniably present and Kumari Devi’s wisdom is imparted heart-to-heart. Feeding our hunger for wholeness, she grounds divinity into the physical form and weaves prophetic wisdom into ordinary life experiences.

Kumari is a gift to those of us who are seekers of truth.” Teresa M., Atlanta, GA

Sharing the fundamental message to live from a place truth we must fully embrace our human. All who encounter her receive a gift, a personal transformation and the realization that they can accomplish anything.

How to Get Started

Something magical happens when you connect with Kumari Devi and a spontaneous awakening begins to open your heart. Become familiar with her services. 

Being in her energy is beautifully intoxicating and I never want to leave it.” Elaine H., Hypnotherapist

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What People Are Saying!

Being with her is life changing. She teaches from an entirely different level. Her wisdom isn’t something she learned at workshops or read in a book. It comes directly from God to you–very pure and real.” Tom K., Calif.

She’s is one of those rare teachers with pure vision and knowledge. I see in her my truth and she always reflects back to me exactly what I need to see.” Steve H, Attorney

I felt a love I have never felt before from SriKumari. When we met my heart opened and I instantly felt connected to my truth.”  Claire F., Florida

There is a real depth of knowledge with her.” Karen N., Washington

I had a half hour telephone session with SriKumari and felt a powerful loving energy embrace me. That evening I had a dream she took my fear right out of my body.” Devon S., London

She asked me to stand next to one of my art paintings and found a pattern of how I was blocking my success. She looked at paint on a canvas and located my thoughts when I painted the piece. She is beyond anything you’ve ever experienced.”  Donna S., England

When I met SriKumari, she and I hugged and all my body pain disappeared. I have experienced many spiritual teachers none who had this profound impact on my life. Once you come in contact with her, a process begins to awaken in you. You can deny it and walk away, or do as I did: Embrace this miracle!” Jeri L., LCMFT

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 Awakening Activation

Awakening activation is a way to experience a deeper realization of beingness. Let go of the false perceptions.



 Body of Light Healing

Unwind to the divine. Deep emotional healing and core work.

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Clear stuck emotional energy. Enjoy immediate results.

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