When I met Paula, she and I hugged and all my body pain disappeared. I have experienced many spiritual teachers none who had this profound impact on my life. Once you come in contact with her, a process begins to awaken in you. You can deny it and walk away, or do as I did: Embrace this miracle!” Jeri L., LCMFT

Experience Paula Muran

For the past 25 years, Paula Muran delivers evolutionary new ways to think and live. Filling the gap between meditation and mindfulness, Paula dismantles pain and suffering with ease. Her enlightened mind and peerless intuition make her an adept at making the unknown known.

Paula is extremely unique; she has no human teacher, rather a lifelong and direct experience to Sanatkumara (Skanda). Something mystical happens when you connect with her either in person or online–your life gets easier, conflicts resolve and miraculous healing takes place.

She embodies the fundamental message to attain a true spiritual freedom you must fully embrace your human. Transform your life from ordinary into extraordinary and experience happiness. Sign up for individual sessions or E-courses.

Being with Paula is life changing. She teaches from an entirely different level. Her wisdom isn’t something she learned at workshops or read in a book. It comes directly from God to you–very pure and real.” Tom K., Burbank, CA

Transformational Healing


Step into the greatest evolution of You and awaken beyond fear and doubt. Develop a relationship with your inner self and become trusting, confident and happy. By embracing your wholeness spiritual realization deepens and you become free.

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Inner Child Healing

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Activate Trust

Trust yourself and life becomes happy and peaceful. A powerful way to release old beliefs and activate your core wisdom of trust.  Mp3 healing download. Click Here


Release Rejection

Feel empowered. Release hurt feelings along with anger and fear. Mp3 healing download. Click Here. 


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